Historic streetscape
Anaheim Colony District
Center Street Promenade
Downtown Anaheim
The Anaheim Neighborhood Association

Has had a long and lively past.  Some of our many accomplishments include:  
Entered into a Letter of Understanding with the Redevelopment Agency to stop the demolition of single family
homes in the downtown area.

Encouraged the restoration of architecturally and culturally significant structures.

Took a lead role in the effort to downzone 96 acres of residential properties, effectively curbing the spot zoning
within Anaheim's older neighborhoods and the construction of incompatible high density apartments within single
family neighborhoods.  As a result of this effort, the City recognized the value of the return of these
neighborhoods to their original single family (low density) zoning, and continued the process in other areas of  
Anaheim.  This recognition of private property rights and responsibilities is credited with the real start of the
revitalization of downtown neighborhoods and a renaissance in the re-investment in Anaheim's older single family
neighborhoods.  This "reinvestment" continues today as families discover these neighborhoods.

Worked with developers on project designs to achieve a high level of quality and ensure compatibility with
existing neighborhoods.

Formed the Anaheim Historic Preservation Foundation, a non-profit organization, that entered into a partnership
with a developer and the City of Anaheim to purchase, restore, and sell 20 single family homes that were
threatened with demolition.

Stopped an illegal and non-permitted apartment building move.

Worked with the City to prevent allowing a three story apartment building from going up in a residential area of
primarily single story homes.  As a result, the builder was required to respect and build to existing City codes.

Stopped a fast food drive-thru restaurant from building in an area zoned for residential use, resulting in the
construction of new single family homes.

Endorsed, campaigned, and held fundraisers for candidates running for office in Anaheim.

Conducted vintage home and garden tour events to promote Anaheim's historic and older neighborhoods as a
desirable place to live.

Produced neighborhood newsletters to keep residents informed of projects, events, and issues of interests.

Worked with City staff, the Anaheim Police Department, our Mayor and City Council to close a marijuana
dispensary operating in a residential neighborhood.
Adaptable reuse
Old Union Pacific station
Preserving Anaheim's neighborhoods since 1987.