Historic streetscape
Anaheim Colony District
New construction housing
West Anaheim
The Anaheim Neighborhood Association

Is a group of homeowners and local businesses bound together by concern for our city and our neighborhoods.  
Because decisions that change the face of our city and its neighborhoods are often made or influenced by people who
typically do not live here and are done without organized, informed citizen input, a group of concerned residents formed
the Anaheim Neighborhood Association.  For political activity, ANA has established an affiliated Political Action Committee,
or PAC.  This PAC is registered with the State of California as the Anaheim Neighborhood Association PAC (ANA PAC).  
The Mayor and City Council
Planning Commission
Redevelopment Agency
Zoning Administrator
Parks and Recreation
Code Enforcement
Neighborhood Councils
Older tract homes
Central Anaheim
An Important Facet of ANA's Purpose

Is to learn of City plans as they occur rather than after the fact.  ANA members participate in City Council and Planning
Commission meetings and keep abreast of planning issues as they are filed with the City.  By doing this, ANA and its
members are informed of important activities in a timely manner and have an opportunity for input before a project gets
ANA's Goals Are To

Promote and encourage development in any area of the City that reflects the interests, concerns, and needs of
residents and business owners in the surrounding neighborhoods
Promote owner occupied housing
Promote and protect the integrity of historical structures and neighborhoods
Enhance property values
Create an environment that is attractive to independent businesses serving the community
Enhance the quality of life throughout Anaheim
ANA Was Formed in 1987

When a group of downtown area residents were fed up with the City's wanton destruction of the old downtown area.  
Business after business quickly came down, and the City then turned its eye on the older downtown neighborhoods.  
ANA was put together, attorneys were hired, and the fight with the City began.  When the dust settled, ANA was the
clear victor, having saved 16 single family homes from the wrecking ball.  ANA continued to negotiate with the City,
resulting in saving most remaining old residences in the downtown area.
To Get Things Done

ANA works closely with residents, neighborhood groups, developers, City staff and many City departments, such as:
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Preserving Anaheim's neighborhoods since 1987.